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Risk Management

Risk Management

  • Risk management is a structured process whose goal is to develop and implement safeguards that will protect an organization from the consequences of specific threats it faces, should they materialize. The process includes a sequence of activities: a risk assessment, followed by the development of strategies for managing and mitigating the risk by addressing manageable factors.

  • The purpose of the security risk management process is to mitigate the various risks of security threats to a predefined manageable level, utilizing the means at the organization’s disposal – its own manpower and, if needed, that of external entities, as well as physical security means, security technologies, engineering and architectural design, security procedures and training.

  • As part of the risk assessment process, we map the full range of security risks the organization is potentially exposed to, and present its decision makers with all the means they may employ to cost-effectively manage these risks, making the most of the available resources.

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