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About Us

About Us

MTRS is an international consulting company specializing in the development and implementation of security risk management solutions for homeland security (HLS) applications; specifically, for the transportation sector, critical infrastructures, corporate security, safe cities, large events and senior executives.

MTRS’s solutions are based on proven know-how accumulated over decades in the homeland security sector in general, and in the execution of large infrastructure security projects in particular, and are grounded in:​​

In-depth familiarity with the HLS industry, covering all stakeholders: operators, infrastructure managers, regulators, developers and manufacturers of security systems.

Knowledge of methodologies and best practices for risk management, operational planning, security engineering, emergency preparedness, and business continuity and recovery programs.

Multidisciplinary expertise acquired by the MTRS’s professional team, including experts in risk management, operational planning and the establishment of security operations; specialists in security surveys and audits, emergency preparedness and engineering design; and professional authorities in security systems in general, and in threat detection systems in particular.

Optimal integration with the organization’s existing safeguards to maximize benefit, while fully complying with relevant international regulations and local laws and the organization’s procedures.

Our Team

Eran Cherpak has acquired more than 15 years of experience in the field of security, with particular emphasis placed on detection and screening technologies.


Throughout his career, Mr. Cherpak filled both operational and management level positions; he has worked closely with regulators in Israel and in the USA, as well as with industry leaders. He is a recognized expert in a wide range of security technologies and their integration and interfacing with external systems, and maintains close working relations with regulators and manufacturers of security equipment and systems, often serving as a sounding board for their development teams.


Additionally, Mr. Cherpak specializes in the performance of comprehensive projects combining field surveys and analyses using advanced tools, and in the development of innovative, customized security solutions for homeland security applications.

Eran Cherpak, General Manager

Gilad Rafaeli benefits from more than 15 years of experience in the field of security.


His areas of expertise include performing risk assessments and developing risk assessment strategies; developing concepts of operation (CONOPs); developing procedures and training programs for various trainee populations, covering routine conditions and emergencies; establishing and managing operational security systems; conducting security audits; preparing technical specifications for tenders issued to procure technological security systems and means and negotiating with their suppliers.


Mr. Rafaeli plays a central role in the development of security concepts, methods and methodologies within the framework of various multinational consortiums.

Gilad Rafaeli, Vice President – Projects and Consulting Services

Our Team
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