COUNTERACT is a research and development project, executed within the framework of the European Commission's Sixth Framework Program (FP6), under Scientific Support to Policies (SSP) activities, aimed to enhance security within the public transport and main line rail sectors.

The project is coordinated by UITP (the International Association of Public Transport) and brings together leading operators, such as Deutsche Bahn; railway police organizations (COLPOFER); research bodies specializing in public transport; public transport operators' organizations; and leading European engineering companies.

RESILENS (Realising European ReSILiencE for Critical INfraStructure)

Critical infrastructure (CI) provides the essential functions and services that support European societal, economic and environmental systems. As both natural and man-made disaster and crises situations become more common place, the need to ensure the resilience of CI so that it is capable of withstanding, adapting and recovering from adverse events is paramount. Moving resilience from a conceptual understanding to applied, operational measures that integrate best practice from the related realm of risk management and vulnerability assessment is the focus of the RESILENS project. The RESILENS project is coordinated by Future Analytics Consulting, an Irish based planning, research and economic SME. The consortium includes 12 partners across Europe including universities, municipalities, CI providers, SME’s and research and technical organisations.

RESTRAIL (REduction of Suicides and Trespasses on RAILway property)

RESTRAIL is a research project that is part of the FP7 programme (DG MOVE). Its aim is to reduce the occurrence of suicides and trespasses on railway infrastructures, and the consequent costly service disruption these events cause, by providing the rail industry with an analysis and identification of cost-effective prevention and mitigation measures.

SECURESTATION (Passenger Station and Terminal Design for Safety, Security and Resilience to Terrorist Attack)

The aim of SECURESTATION is to improve the resilience of passenger stations and terminals to terrorist attacks and safety incidents through the implementation of technologies and methodologies enabling design to reduce the impact of blasts, fire and the dispersion of toxic agents in passenger facilities. SECURESTATION will consider threats from terrorist attacks and safety incidents caused by blasts, fire and accidental or deliberate particle dispersion.

SECUR-ED (Secured Urban Transportation – European Demonstration)

The SECUR-ED Project federates major operators and top industrial integrators to enhance the security of urban public transportation in medium and large cities, through the development of packaged modular solutions (composed of best practices, procedures, training, and hardware and software), validated through live demonstrations in four major European cities.

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