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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

In recent years, the operational and commercial environment in which railway, airports, seaports, high security governmental facilities and critical manufacturing infrastructures operate is becoming increasingly dependent on numerous interfacing information systems – including critical mission systems that directly affect the level of security and the organization’s profitability. This trend will continue and expand in the coming years, as current technologies are upgraded and new ones are developed, as online services improve and expand, as the use of mobile platforms becomes more widespread, and as organizations transition to cloud computing. This business and technological environment renders some of the services provided by these bodies increasingly vulnerable to attacks by individual hackers or groups, criminal organizations and even terrorists – whether for the purpose of committing theft or forgery, or disrupting services and damaging mission critical systems, as part of a broader attack – which may place lives at risk.

In view of the current and evolving threats, such organizations would be well advised to take action to protect themselves from computer hacking and from cyber attacks in general, enhance the survivability of their systems and enable speedy recovery, if affected.

In cooperation with industry specialist, MTRS offers a variety of IT security consulting services, including:

  • Enterprise security: Risk assessment, polices & procedures, security awareness and training, data leakage prevention, cloud security readiness, social network security, forensic & incident management

  • Security management: Business continuity management, disaster recovery planning, identity management, fraud and embezzlement prevention, information security road map and security operation center design

  • Technical security: Infrastructure security, application security, mobile security, code review, VoIP security and penetration testing

  • Security compliance meeting international standards and best practices (e.g., Basel II, SOX, EU Data Protection Act)

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