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Public Transportation

The threats faced by public transportation and railway systems have sharply increased since the beginning of the millennium. Terrorists have identified these systems as attractive targets due to their vulnerability, on the one hand, and to the likelihood that attacks on them will result in numerous casualties, heavy damage and broad media exposure, on the other hand. In recent years, these terror threats have materialized into attacks in Madrid, London, Moscow, Mumbai and other locations, causing hundreds of fatalities and injuring many thousands of innocent civilians, while also severely damaging transportation infrastructure, generating panic and leading to heavy economic losses.

We aim to secure our position as a leading consulting company in risk management and in the development of security solutions and safeguards. To benefit our clients and the industries they operate in, we undertake to:

  • Serve as a driving force in the development of innovative security concepts, means, methods and procedures, setting the highest professional standards.

  • Provide optimal, functional and cost-effective risk management solutions to enable our clients to effectively deal with the threats they face – crime, vandalism, public disorder and terror – and operate in a more secure environment, utilizing available resources to the fullest.

  • Develop solutions and safeguards that allow our clients to fulfill their missions.

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