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Corporate Security

We offer a diverse range of corporate security services – either separately, or on a turnkey basis, including:

  • Risk management: Based on the ISO3100 Risk Management Standard and on our own vast experience in organizational risk management, we offer a framework for risk identification, risk analysis & evaluation and risk management, taking into account a broad range of threats: crime, theft of intellectual property, physical security, information security, security of executives when traveling abroad, etc.

  • Establishing a corporate security organization: Developing and defining the organizational structure, responsibilities, position holders and their respective areas of authority.

  • Employee screening: Defining a policy and procedures for screening candidates for positions, as part of the recruitment process.

  • Access control policy and routine procedures for physical security: Defining a set of recommendations serving as the basis of an access control policy and routine procedures covering physical security, controlling access of visitors and suppliers/providers, securing the supply chain, etc.

  • Executive security during travel: Developing policies and procedures associated with the security of executives traveling on behalf of the company and relocating to countries with a high risk potential (crime, terror, industrial espionage).

  • IT security & security of records: Recommendations concerning procedures and means for securing organizational data – networks, mobile devices (laptops, tablets and smartphones) and procedures and means for securing sensitive records;

  • Corporate crisis preparedness: Organizational aspects affecting preparedness to deal with crisis situations and disasters, including serious crime, natural disasters, terror, severe image crises, etc. – handling them when they occur and resuming routine operation as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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