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Aviation Security

MTRS’s aviation security specialists provide comprehensive consulting services to airport authorities, integrators, architecture & design firms and governmental bodies – meeting the needs of new airports that are in the planning and/or design stage, and of existing airports aiming to upgrade their security systems.

Our experts provide detailed design and engineering criteria and guidelines, in order to ensure that the airport’s security system not only complies with all local and international regulator requirements, but also supports an efficient and effective airport security operation. The cultural environment at each location, and any derived restrictions or needs, are also taken into consideration. The implementation of security-related design/engineering recommendations during the general airport design process produces significant cost savings, along with a smoothly functioning security system.

MTRS supports its clients throughout the tender process for the purchase of the required technological and physical means: assisting in the preparation of technical specifications, in the bid evaluation process, and also offering a proven vetting mechanism that ensures that the vendors selected indeed possess the necessary competences. MTRS consultants operate independently, and are not obligated in any way to any particular provider. Their sole concern is to help each client purchase the best equipment for the lowest price.

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