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Research & Development

Research & Development

In keeping with our aim to serve as a leading consulting company in the homeland security and defense sectors, we place special emphasis on research and development in the field of security, and regard R&D programs as a strategic component of our business plan.

Since the company’s inception, MTRS’s specialists have acquired a great deal of know-how in high level security design – through participation in consortiums executing important European R&D programs that focus on the development of security technologies, methods and strategies.

Manufacturers and integrators of security systems invest considerable resources into the vertical market and its various segments. Our niche expertise in the homeland security market placed us in an optimal position to assist these bodies to modify their R&D programs to match the unique characteristics of these markets, and to products and solutions to specifically meet its needs. We support manufacturers, research bodies and integrators in the following areas:

  • Video surveillance and analytics

  • Threat detection systems for explosives, PIH (Poisionous by Inhalation), etc.

  • Data fusion and signal processing

  • Communication systems

  • System integration and command and control

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