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Emergency & Crisis Preparedness

Emergency & Crisis Preparedness

Emergency preparedness plans are developed to prepare organizations to effectively handle diverse crises, mitigate their impact, quickly recover and resume routine operation.


In the critical infrastructures environment, emergency preparedness plans relate to all the organization’s activities, as well as to all functions within the organization – from its administrative and operations managers, through its emergency incident managers, to its spokesperson, public relations staff and other relevant positions.

Plans for security incidents are based on the organization’s existing procedures for handling safety incidents, to maximize the benefits of the available resources.

MTRS’s customized detailed emergency and crisis preparedness plans allow the organization to immediately implement the appropriate response to each type of incident before it deteriorates into a crisis with potentially disastrous consequences. Guidelines for effective coordination and cooperation with first responders and other external entities are also covered in these plans.

To promote effectual assimilation of the emergency preparedness plans, MTRS also develops and supervises organizational exercises and drills.

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